“Perhaps not a word”

Flag SwapFlag Swamp and Flag Swamp and Jefferis Road.This is not the photo I had in mind when I started the day. The plan was to take the coast road to work and sea the sun coming up over the ocean. Fog changed that but brought with it new and interesting dimensions (that included driving) that enticed my mind. On the way home however I couldn’t resist a detour just off the main highway where I found a silent sun setting over the corner of Flag Swamp and Jefferis Road.




2 thoughts on ““Perhaps not a word”

  1. I like this picture and in particular the line of trees on the hill top – I can see the sun set between the trunks even from this distance

    • It was one of those scenes that are first glance it didn’t seem much but a lot of potential. The more I study, stopped and looked, the more interesting features I found.There’s something silent about an empty dirty road at dusk.

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