The unfolding world.

I’ve been thinking (debating with myself) about; if photographing has lost some of the personal connection between the photograph, photographer and viewer, with so many photographs flying around the internet these days (and yes I do feel like the pot is calling the kettle black a bit). I find myself becoming more interested in making photographing a bit more personal. How to do that, well that’s the next question?

Maybe it’s a case of posting less images, but providing more detail about how the image came to life. To tell the truth, I’m not sure, however I do know that I’m becoming more attracted to photos that aren’t simply great or nice because of the capture and that the best and most beautiful images in the world carry with them something that is more than what can be seen – something from the heart or something with a bit of soul.

On Friday evening I found myself with a sense of wanting to watch the world pass bye for a bit and see what unfolded in front of me. Heading for the beach I explored a few sand-dunes, watched the waves crash in and out, listened to the birds as they swooped and dived while the seaweed caked the rock pools. The only intent I had was to take an image, IF one opened up in front of me, instead of looking for what I was going to take. After a while, I found a spot as the sun escaped and almost seemed to say “pleasant dreams, I hope you had a good week.” Before long I found the camera and filters were out.

“While in your pleasant dreams”

“While in your pleasant dreams”


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