We always knew it


I took this in April and came across it recently in one of my trips into the archives. When I took the shot my intention was to remove the ugly power lines that cut the shot in half later on however when the time came, I ended up leaving them, here’s what my thinking was …..

We always knew it - Waitati (Blueskin Bay)

We always knew it – Waitati (Blueskin Bay)

Firstly, I thought if I didn’t want them in the shot I should have positioned myself better in the first place. However, the truth is that while on the way to school, I wasn’t really dressed for a trip through the long wet grass, over the railway track and through the muddy marsh, “do your cropping in camera” someone once said.

Secondly, it’s an example and a reminder of how a nice shot can be spoilt by power lines or power poles. I try to get rid of them whenever possible however sometimes you just can’t and while they aren’t always bad, more often than not they don’t help an image (to me anyway). I’m beginning to think that whoever set’s the locations of power lines and poles should get approval from photographers first!


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