A new home – changes

Just to let you know, I’ve recently updated my blog with a fresh new look and address. It means that in time my ‘new blog will become an extension of my website rather than a stand alone feature. To all those people who are currently subscribing to this blog, I’d encourage you to head over and subscribe at:


Subscribing won’t take you long, plus you’ll get to view more images and follow what I’m up to alot more easily. Please feel free to leave comments as well.

See you there




Cosmetic Surgery

Every idea needs some cosmetic surgery and every idea has a beginning, a starting point, a birth if you will. While some ideas gain life quickly, they can also drop-away just as fast while other ideas gather momentum. Then there are the other set of ideas, the kind that gain life but need to go through several redrafts before it finds it’s true direction. Thoughts and ideas tend to stumble along until they find their balance, rhythm and timing.

My blog site until, now has been one of those ideas that has ticked away in the back of my mind, slowly stumbling along until it found it’s own balance. While the equilibrium still isn’t quite right, it’s almost there. It’s undergone some cosmetic surgery recently and there is still and few minor changes to happen (mainly with menu’s and categories) but I’m really pleased with the ‘new look’. It just ‘feels’ a lot more how I want it to feel.

I’ll have some new content in a short while, so I’ll see you again really soon.

Happy days.

“Perhaps not a word”

Flag SwapFlag Swamp and Flag Swamp and Jefferis Road.This is not the photo I had in mind when I started the day. The plan was to take the coast road to work and sea the sun coming up over the ocean. Fog changed that but brought with it new and interesting dimensions (that included driving) that enticed my mind. On the way home however I couldn’t resist a detour just off the main highway where I found a silent sun setting over the corner of Flag Swamp and Jefferis Road.



“Paekakariki Lookout”

It had been raining most of the day, however on the way home we decided to detour up to the lookout point on Paekakariki Hill Road. The weather was just starting to break late in the afternoon, so it created a gorgeous view looking out over Paekakariki, the Kapiti Coast and Kapiti Island.

“Every Whisper Never Heard”


Every Whisper Never Heard-1
Rattray & Smith Street

Constructed between 1878 and 1886, as funds permitted, this Gothic revival style Cathedral in bluestone was designed by Francis Petre, who also designed the neighbouring St Dominic’s Priory. The first church service was held in the cathedral, in February 1886, and was completed in May 1886 at a cost of £22,500.

The decorations and church furniture for St Joseph’s Cathedral were carved by L. J. Godrey, brought to New Zealand by William Larnach to work on his “castle”, which was also being built at the time.

“Through The Kanuka Trees”


I had the pleasure to venture on to capture Kapiti Island for a day with Bryn Evans and explored some of the amazing sights and sounds there. One of the tracks makes its way up through and past the Okupe Lagoon and Valley, where you are accompanied by Tui, Bellbird, Weka, Kaka and Kereru.
Every so often the scene is broken and through the Kanuka trees you spy the world beyond, fantastic.