“Confessions in Concrete”

Confessions in Concrete
St Dominics Priory (1877)
Smith & Tennyson Street, Dunedin

Poured concrete was a reasonably new building material in 1870s New Zealand, and St Dominics Priory (built in 1877) was the largest un-reinforced concrete building in the southern hemisphere at the time.


“Every Whisper Never Heard”


Every Whisper Never Heard-1
Rattray & Smith Street

Constructed between 1878 and 1886, as funds permitted, this Gothic revival style Cathedral in bluestone was designed by Francis Petre, who also designed the neighbouring St Dominic’s Priory. The first church service was held in the cathedral, in February 1886, and was completed in May 1886 at a cost of £22,500.

The decorations and church furniture for St Joseph’s Cathedral were carved by L. J. Godrey, brought to New Zealand by William Larnach to work on his “castle”, which was also being built at the time.